Mineral Spa – Natural Volcanic Water Treatment

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Suitable for cedar hot tubs, plastic spas and PVC lined pools

  • Mineral Spa is a concentrated bottle of natural minerals extracted from volcanic rock
  • Keeps your water clear and clean
  • All natural – non irritating and odour free
  • Gentle on the environment – safe to empty water from your tub onto your garden after use
  • Product of USA



  • Pour the required amount of Mineral Spa into the pool filled with fresh water
  • Best to set the hot tub pump to run on auto 
  • Treatment generally lasts 4-5 months depending on pool usage
  • Keep the pool cover on as much as possible in between use to avoid algae build up
  • Periodically check the Ph levels and use Buffer (sodium bicarbonate) or Hardener (calcium) as required
  • Between water changes scrub down the side walls and seats, rince the inside of the hot tub with fresh water and refill with fresh water then add more Mineral Spa treatment

For tubs with water volumes 1000L or less: Pour half a bottle (plastic/fibre glass spa pools)
For tubs with water volumes 1000L or more: Pour 1 bottle (cedar hot tubs)

Key points:

  • Keeps your water clear and clean
  • Mineral Spa is a concentrated bottle of natural minerals extracted from volcanic rock
  • Allows for easy hot tub and spa pool maintenance making it one of the simplest and most effective water treatment systems available
  • Gentle on the environment. Can empty the water from the tub onto your garden so no wasting of water

Minerals provide long-lasting, clean water with health benefits.
Mineral Spa allows for easy hot tub maintenance, making it one of the simplest and most effective water treatment systems available. Mineral Spa creates clean, clear hot tubs that are always ready for use.

The Mineral Spa water treatment system is a concentrate of over 80 minerals extracted from volcanic rock. The system naturally clears the water of harmful chemicals and contaminants as it does in the environment. The minerals are activated by the circulation of the water in the hot tub so all you have to do is pour the product in the tub and turn it on.

One of the other benefits of this natural water treatment system is its longevity. Unlike many chemical water treatment systems, Mineral Spa will keep hot tub water clean for up to 4-5 months. This allows hot tub owners to actually enjoy their time in their hot tub rather than figuring out water treatment systems and dangerous chemicals.

Just fill your tub with water then pour in the Mineral Spa natural volcanic water treatment product and from that moment on, you can escape to your own private, peaceful mountain resort to enjoy the calm, soothing effect of a hot, healing mineral spring – without leaving your home.
You bought your tub for comfort and relaxation, not to be a slave to chemicals, testing, balancing, shocking and clarifying – right?

Now because of Mineral Spa you can do just that!

The circulation of the water makes the mineral formula do its job; breaking down contaminants, eliminating odours and cleaning the water. All you do is set the spa/hot tub pump to run with the Mineral Spa and let itself clean.

You deserve to do less work, avoid the chemical hassle and have more time to relax in hot, healing water that’s always clean, clear and ready to soak in – now you can.

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